Dairo Koga

I’m a bookseller, writer and photographer in Tokyo. I was born in Fukuoka (1973) and live in Tokyo with my wife and son. I am taking photography over 20 years and I started my professional career from 2010. As you can see in this website, I will shoot everything. My motto is "Everything is expressed. Photographer only shoot it". This is the words of Nobuyoshi Araki.

Book & Magazine:
2013 Natumama (Japan)
2013 Sound & Recording Magazine (Japan)
2011 Tokyo-Ga Charity Photo Book (Japan)
2011 Japanese Old Book Communication (Japan)
2010 THRESHOLDS by University of Chichester (UK)
2010 Executive Travel Magazine (US)

2011 Fragments of Tokyo 2 / Place M (Japan)
2010 meeting place / Tegamisha (Japan)
2010 Exposition de Peinture / Galerie du Port (France)
2010 Fragments of Tokyo / Place M (Japan)


古書モダン・クラシック店主。写真家。1973年福岡生まれ。現在妻、子と供に東京在住。2011年より『日本古書通信』にて写真コラム「21世紀古書店の肖像」を連載。2012年よりAirbnbの専属写真家。2014年よりPIE BOOKSのWEB連載「古書店の肖像」の連載開始。

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